Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spiritual Leadership for Pakistani Leaders

Wearing the "spiritual gids'in the term you can some energies, depending on how you define it. Some people do not feel a spiritual leader, if a certain degree of fame or self-sacrifice has been reached, or they live life by the Dalai Lama. I think we all have a spiritual leader in life and expect to be fully expressed in his own way. According to Webster's dictionary, "a leader is someone who has influence on others."
Thus, spiritual direction, and then assign other friends of mind and as such we have addressed all the divinely inspired or someone (our control, we are conscious or not) in our lives. The key to life from a place of spiritual guide to do it actively and consciously. It means to be the inspired leader for us and our own journey, so we can travel half role to play to begin.
Some of us will influence the masses with our message, as a spiritual leader, while others may have a profound impact on smaller public manners. Whatever is not more or less worthy than the others, they are simply a reflection of how each of us is called to mind to bring us.
You can plug. The person who is passionate souls combining with each other because a deep feeling that some people just should feel.
You may be the teacher. The person who everyone comes to for guidance about how to do something (and as such, they experience change).
Here is some of what you need to accelerate this journey:

HUGE vision

Powerful Intentions

Clear Strategy

Positive Support

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas of Pakistani Christians 2010

All the people around the world are ready to celebrate the great event of the world Christmas, Pakistani Christians are all ready face the problems since 1947 and issue of 295-C and Asia Bibi bring to all the peoples on difficult stage. Threats of terrorist attacks after the high profile court case against Christian woman Asia Bibi have put churches and parishes on high alert in the run-up to this year's festive season. In November, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by the court of Sheikhupura, Punjab,Pakistan for making alleged derogatory comments about the prophet Muhammad. 

Despite an international outcry, condemning the verdict, Asia Bibi is in prison awaiting her High Court appeal. The Mulana of Mohbat Mosque in Peshawar has already warned that some people will take the law into their own hands should Ms Bibi be released or pardoned. He has announced a 'reward' of half a million rupees (approximately 4,440 euros) for anyone who may kill her. 
In Pakistan Christmas is not officially celebrated in Pakistan. However, December25 is a public holiday to celebrate the birthday of M.A. Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. 
Governer of the Punjab Salman Taseer ans Sanitor shereen rehman by Pakistan peoples party (ppp)are favor to the Asia Bibi and Christian but Punjab Government are against the Christians due to political war between Punjab government and ppp. And i am afraid that Punjab government can kill Asia Bibi. Shabaz bahti is minority minister of national assembly(ppp) and Kamran Michal is the minority minister of provisional assembly (MLN). Both ministers are silent because they are under the government. Both Ministers and Bishop of Pakistan Bishop john Malik are white elephant for Christians. 
The All Christian Parties Conference in Lahore was held on 19 December Presided by Rt. Rev. Yaqoob was attended by Joseph Francis, Yeshwa Younis, Zia Khokhar, Aslam Parvez Sohtra, Nazir Qaiser, Yasir Barkat Khokhar, Salim Shakir, Ilyas A Khan, Rafique MPA, Khalid Gill and many other leaders. 
Article 295-C of criminal law was being misused. They said that its aim to promulgate was respect and sanctity of prophets of all religions but due to its misuse not only Christians but other religious minorities were also feeling uneasy. It was being used to settle personal scores as such the innocent people were being made its target. Pray For Pakistani christans Christian Rights Pakistan is working for rights of Christians.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unity is enough for success in Pakistan

It was Saturday and i standing out my university i saw two guys who search place for breakfast after the cleaning of road. their cloths are dirty their hands are also so dirty because they are the sweeper of the Pakistani government. So they decided to sit behind the stairs of university. One Muslim man came towards and order to stand out to this place get lost any other place.They was search again and they no place to eat food because all the Muslim people hate to the Christians specially sweeper. I was looking all this scene and i offer to eat their breakfast on my motorbike. They ask me no thanks because they thinking that i am also a Muslim guy.I introduce myself the accept me these two guys come. Any body tell me who is the responsible of this happening? I am the responsible , Pakistani Christians are responsible. We are divided in raceism (catholic, protestant, ministriesm )and our peoples are sweeper, they are growths in corruption. No body working on education,unemployment, technical educations. All the ministries are waiting aid from Europe and USA all the time. They create a fake photo shot and send it to Europe and USA. I am not against to the ministries because they are spread the word of God but problem is this that they are doing corruption not all but many. I am starting an Organization which will work for Unity in christian ministries, education, unemployment, Protection against blasphemy Law.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cheap Blood of Christians (Gojra Pakistan)

Last year’s attacks on the Christian community in Gojra were not a spontaneous reaction to allegations of blasphemy. but planned in advance, a fact-finding mission of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said on Tuesday.
The mission’s report said announcements made from mosques in Gojra on July 31 urged Muslims to gather and “make mincemeat of the Christians” over allegation of desecration of the Holy Quran a week earlier. Witnesses told HRCP that when they informed the police about the announcements, the police officials also confirmed hearing the announcements.
Before one year Courts Take Action on Gojra Incident; 6 Accused of Violence Sent to Jail; Tensions Rise. It was an important development on the Gojra violence against a Christian community an anti-terrorist court has taken action and the judge sent 61 accused of the incident on judicial remand and six others were granted 14 days physical remand (that is, sent to jail).
But yesterday 4 November 2010 A division bench of the Lahore high court on Thursday granted bail to six accused involved in Gojra incident. The bench directed the release of Akram, Sharif, Jamil, Zahid Iqbal, Ashraf and Sajjad on furnishing bail bonds of Rs 100,000 each. The counsel for the accused took the plea that that they had no role in Gojra clashes between Muslim and Christian communities. He said the police had arrested them in a separate case and they had never been nominated in the FIR of the main incident. The counsel said the complainant of the FIR, Mainga Masih, was not present on the occasion while one out of two eyewitnesses mentioned in the FIR went abroad and never pursued the case. The counsel further argued that the petitioners had not been charge sheeted despite the lapse of 13 months, therefore, they were entitled to be released on bail. staff report

After this all reports and news i ask a question to all Christian community of the Pakistan and world how the blood of Pakistani Christians is so cheap ?

How they are always facing a pathetic blasphemy rule of Pakistan?